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  • Say goodbye to factoring headaches and time-consuming payment inquiries



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How many loads do you handle each month?


What is your average load payment? (Whole Numbers)


Your Annual Carrier Payments


What % of Payments are sent by check?


What % of Payments are sent by ACH?


The fee you pay for each ACH transaction? (average ACH fee is $0.50)


What % of Payments are sent to factoring companies?


Your annual cost to pay by check


Your annual cost to pay by ACH


Your Annual PayMeNow™ Savings


Annual Amount you save with LoadPay:


These are estimates only, actual savings may vary.

Here’s how we calculated these savings:
  • Total annual carrier payments = Average load payment x Number of loads per year
  • PayMeNow™ savings = Total annual carrier payments x % of Payments sent to factors x 2% PayMeNow™ savings back to you
  • Average annual check cost = Loads each month x 12 x % of Payments sent by check x $11 (the average cost for processing an invoice via check)1
  • Average annual ACH cost = Loads each month x 12 x % of Payments sent ACH x Cost per ACH
  • Your potential annual savings with LoadPay = PayMeNow savings + Average annual check cost + Average annual ACH cost
1Avg. cost for processing an invoice via check is $11.00 (Source: “Have You Heard of Freight Invoice Auditing?,” Garry Oswald, Quality Digest, https://www.qualitydigest.com/inside/management-article/100616-have-you-heard-freight-invoice-auditing.html)

Frequently Asked Questions

LoadPay is a secure payment platform that offers brokers a turn-key system for streamlining back-office work and saving up to 2% on every load while offering their carriers consistent cash flow.

LoadPay offers an efficient, cost-effective, and secure way to handle carrier payments. You no longer have to cut checks, field payment inquiry calls from carriers, or negotiate quick pay terms—LoadPay handles virtually every aspect of your load payments for you.

Best of all, you increase your bottom line by 2% when you and your carriers participate in PayMeNow™, LoadPay’s quick payment option. You’ll offer your carrier partners more predictable cash flow while saving on your load payments.

LoadPay also helps you minimize security risks and overhead costs because we collect and store carriers’ financial information and fulfill carrier payments for you. This means less data entry, fewer mistakes, less printing and mailing, and fewer hours spent dealing with carrier payments and payment inquiries. LoadPay helps you reallocate your back-office resources away from non-revenue generating tasks.

It’s FREE to create and maintain a LoadPay account. There are no contracts, no sign-up fees, no maintenance fees, and no termination fees.

Yes! LoadPay is partnered with an established FDIC-Insured financial institution so you have peace of mind knowing account information and load transactions are safely stored behind bank-grade security. Instead of you having to retain carriers’ financial information, it’s securely stored within the LoadPay platform. The only pieces of information a carrier will need to provide you is their email address and DOT #.

PayMeNow™ is LoadPay’s built-in quick pay option which allows carriers to be paid via supported fuel cards, same day ACH, next day ACH, or same day wire transfer. Every time a carrier uses LoadPay, you save 2%.

When a carrier selects PayMeNow™, LoadPay issues the funds to the carrier using their desired payment method, and simultaneously pulls the funds from your bank account. If you would like to manage your cash flow, you can opt out of PayMeNow at any time, and your payments will be withdrawn from your bank account on the scheduled payment date.

No. PayMeNow™ is simply a payment option. Even if a carrier has used PayMeNow™ in the past, they are under no obligation to use that option again.

We do not have a publicly available list of our users. It is free for all users to sign up. LoadPay has a Carrier Management section which allows you to invite your carriers to join and benefit from the consistent cash flow offered by LoadPay.

Yes. LoadPay allows you to schedule a payment to carriers that are not yet signed up with LoadPay. Once you schedule the payment, a notification email is sent to the carrier prompting the carrier to sign up with LoadPay to collect the load payment. Please note: brokers cannot schedule payments less than 14 days out through the LoadPay system.

No. Unlike most factoring services, LoadPay and PayMeNow™ help you save on your load payments while offering carriers predictable cash flow – all with no contracts, no volume requirements, no ACH transaction fees*, no maintenance, sign-up, or termination fees, and no other hidden fees that are often piled on top of typical factoring charges.

* Does not apply to same day ACH payments.

Yes, check out these quick videos that will help you get up and running with LoadPay:

LoadPay – Broker Quick Start

How to Schedule a Single LoadPay Payment

First, set up your free LoadPay account. Upon new account approval, you can start using LoadPay to easily manage load payments to your carriers.

Make Load Payments in Your TMS

Offer better cash flow to carriers while reducing accounting costs, right within your own TMS. View our list of vailable integrations.